Trusted sources for Financing Medical Procedures since 2001

Are you considering a Cosmetic Medical Procedure? Financing is available through a third party source and may allow you to spread out payments for up to 6 years. Our preferred, trusted and most recommended options since 2001 are

Beautifi 1-800-969-7034              website:

or another option:

iFinance 1-888-689-9876             website:

Flexible financing options are available to make your decision for procedure more affordable. If you’re interested in Financing, a simple application process, much like applying for a loan through any bank, can be completed using one of the trusted source links above. A soft credit check, which will not affect your credit standing will be completed for pre qualification. Applications can be completed online or over the phone for your convenience. Once you’ve been approved on your own or with a co-signer, the chosen third party financier will confirm their interest rate and discuss the term length (up to 6 years) of the contract with you. The interest rates offered by companies that specialize in medical and dental financing are competitive and will save you a considerable amount of money over using a Credit Card.

Not sure if you’ll qualify for Financing? You don’t need to have a set procedure date, exact procedure cost or specific doctor to apply for Pre-Approval.

Ultimately, your own Bank may offer you the best rates with a line of credit or small loan and we always recommended that you contact your financial institution to inquire and compare.